CFS Connection & File Services
The power tool for BS2000 users
One user interface for the selection an processing of different data objects
Files, library elements, jobvariables, ZIP files, ARCHIVE directories, openFT filetransfer requests, ....
Extensive selection criteria for data objects
Column related name selection, logical combinations, negative selection; Access and display of all important catalog attributes; Additional attributes (i.e. maximum record length, opened files, ...)
Effective and extensive ways of processing
Individual processing for one data object with simple and short "ACTION CODES"; Complex processing for a lot of data objects with "VARIABLE ACTIONS"; Additional functions with CFS "COMMANDs"; Minimal user input (typing of filenames not necessary); e.g. Modify catalog attributes, copy, rename, delete, reorganize libraries and ISAM files, convert data type, transfer files, edit, ...
Own editor for all file types without restrictions
Access to all file formats (SAM, PAM, ISAM), jobvariables, library elements (also LLMs); No record length limit; No file size limit; Complex search functions to position, replace, write, delete;
FIND and REWRITE function
Scan of many data objects (aslo a lot of libraries); Write all hit records in a specified file; Special options to edit the hit file (modify content, insert records, delete records); Rewrite the modified file content with one command; Save the original data objects before rewriting (optional)
Compare of data objects
Files of any file format; Library elements of any type; Jobvariables; All versions of elements in ascending sequence (history compare); Complete content of two libraries at level of the individual elements (library compare); All files/libraries whose names appear in two file lists created by CFS (list compare)
Connection handler
Multiple dialog sessions from one terminal; Command memory; Hardcopy function; Menu system for predefined connections; LOGGING-RESTORE: Recording and replaying of dialog sessions (format- and line-mode inputs) for automation; Comparison of an actual dialog with a recorded dialog (regression test); Simulation of recorded dialog sessions (training, demonstration); Replay of dialog sessions (e.g. UTM transactions) within a CFS batch process; Automatic $CONSOLE handling; Administration of VM2000 guest systems ($VMCONS)
Procedure language
All functions also available in DO- or ENTER-procedures; Automation of dioalog sessions; Use of CFS in productive applications and at BS2000 startup; Additional procedure statements and usage of CFS variables
Starting and monitoring of DO- and S-procedures as a batch process; Prompting oof the procedure parameters in a params mask; Automatic protocol display at the end of a job; Store content of params mask to reuse it; Monitoring also for jobs not started by CFS (free events)
Help system
Online help information with complete content of the user manual; Direct help access to an input field, a command or via menu; Integration of important BS2000 tables (DCAM return codes, interrupt weights, ...); Help also available as winhelp file
Privileged functions (extract)

Function OPEN:
Display of all opened files in the system with TSN and open mode; Display the content of opened Sam-/Pam-files (e.g. running SYSOUT files); Online display of actual IO's for every opened file (e.g. for caching strategies); Function also available (with restrictions) for non-TSOS-users (holdertask);

TAS Task Services
to select and administrate BS2000 tasks; Access to important system informations

JES Join Entry Services
to select and administrate user-ids, user-groups, logon-protections, ...
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